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Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) Insurance

Facilitate and safeguard M&A deals with W&I Insurance, providing coverage for warranties and indemnities given in a transaction.


Comprehensive Protection

W&I insurance is a well-established product that is proven to enhance and facilitate M&A transactions. The product removes a key negotiation point between buyer and seller and thus provides financial certainty for both parties.


Flexibility in Coverage

Devonshire has a broad appetite for W&I opportunities across the majority of M&A jurisdictions and sectors. Our agile structure and creative approach renders us particularly well placed to offer solutions for the most challenging risks.


Strategic Underwriting Focus

We have particular expertise in (1) mid-large cap deals; and (2) deals in emerging markets, with significant experience of leading major African, South American and Middle Eastern placements. We are of course delighted to consider all other opportunities.

Tax insurance

Secure known tax liabilities through Specific Tax Insurance. Facilitates transactions and provides certainty.


Tailored Tax Insurance

Protect ongoing operations, group restructurings, fund flows or M&A deals by reducing or eliminating the exposure of an identified tax risk.


Streamlined Negotiations

Enhance a seller’s position by preventing buyers from leveraging tax issues for price reductions or other contractual protections.


Provides Tax Certainty

The interpretation of tax law is frequently ambiguous or subject to varying perspectives. Specific Tax Insurance achieves economic certainty where advance tax clearances or rulings are not available or practical and is ideal for transactions in developed countries with strong legal systems and sophisticated advisory support.

Contingency Insurance

Secure identified legal risks through a bespoke Contingency Insurance Policy. Ideal for M&A transactions and beyond.


Comprehensive Coverage

Contingency Insurance is an exciting and developing solution that can serve to address a variety of legal risks, including litigation risk (whether pre-action, first instance, or appeal stage), insolvency scenarios, asset protection, and deal facilitation.


Creativity and Proactivity

Our team has extensive experience of structuring and underwriting creative solutions to help solve a variety of legal challenges. We are willing to consider a wide range of opportunities, subject to (1) commercial alignment between Insured and Insurers; (2) robust governing law, forum and judicial process; and (3) attractive legal and factual position.


Strategic Risk Focus

We are keen and excited to lead and support the development of the product and always welcome the opportunity to discuss the potential applicability and availability of a contingency risk solution at any stage in the process.

Global reach

With our Head Office in the City of London, we underwrite transactions across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Australasia and beyond.

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